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2019 Inbound Japanese Delegates

If you are interested in hosting one of our Japanese delegates, click the link for the

ID Gender & Age Personality Hobbies/Interests/Activities Favorite School Subjects Goals for US Visit
B1 M/13 Sociable, Energetic, Patient, Tidy, Talkative, Outgoing Ping Pong, Cycling, Camping, Photography, Museums, Cooking, Nature/Outdoors, Painting, Swimming (Advanced Swimmer), Animals/Pets (dogs & cats), Plays Soccer and Baseball, plays the violin, Dancing, Harry Potter, and Star Wars Math, Social Studies, and Technical Arts Experience life in a foreign country and do his best for his host family.
B2 M/13 Sociable, Cheerful, Energetic, Loves to Laugh, Talkative, Outgoing Cooking, Nature/Outdoors, Movies, Video Games, Swimming (Intermediate Swimmer), Reading, Animals (cats, rabbits) Karate (brown belt), Soccer, Baseball, Tennis, Volleyball, Ping Pong Physical Education Wants to do his best in communicating with his host family.
B3 M/13 Sociable, Cheerful, Energetic, Loves to Laugh, Talkative, Patient, Outgoing Cooking, Hiking, Movies, Nature/Outdoors, Camping, Swimming (Intermediate Swimmer), Tennis, Reading, Running, Calligraphy Physical Education Would like to make new friends, take pictures, and share his favorite Japanese dish.
B4 M/13* Shy, Quiet, Considerate Loves trying new foods, Painting, Drawing, Arts & Crafts, Animals (Dogs), Swimming (Beginner Swimmer) Loves Ping Pong Math Would like to learn more English to talk with his host family. Wants to share the Japanese culture and play Ping Pong.
B5 M/13 Loves to Laugh, Shy, Considerate of Others Cooking, Trying new foods, Painting, Drawing, Boating, Hiking, Movies, Shopping, Reading, Computers, Video Games, Singing, Dancing, Playing Piano, Swimming (Intermediate Swimmer), Baseball, Running, Ping Pong, Track & Field Physical Education Would like to study English more, swim, play the piano and sing with his host family.
G3 F/14 Sociable, Cheerful, Energetic, Loves to Laugh, Talkative, Considerate, Outgoing Writing, Painting, Drawing, Arts & Crafts, Singing, Dancing, Acting, Playing Piano, Reading, Loves Animals (dogs), TV, Skiing, Playing Basketball, Swimming (Intermediate Swimmer), Talking with others Japanese, Math, English Would like to share calligraphy, origami, and cooking with her host family. She wants to know more about foreign life.
G5 F/13 Shy, Cheerful, Loves to Laugh, Tolerant, Honest, Studious, Outgoing Writing, Photography, Cooking, Painting, Drawing, Camping, Nature/Outdoors, Arts & Crafts, Hiking, Shopping, Movies, Video Games, Singing, Dancing, Swimming (Beginner Swimmer), Playing the recorder, Playing Soccer, Running, Gymnastics, Volleyball, Ping Pong, Playing Badminton, and Naginata Math Would like to teach about Japan, to get to know American culture, and try new foods. She would like to share origami, Anime, music, and snacks.
G6 F/13 Curious, Loves to Laugh, Talkative Writing, Photography, Shopping, Movies, Plays, Acting, Reading, Loves Animals (dogs, wildlife), Travel TV, Plays Basketball and Ping Pong English Would like to know more about American teen culture and fashion. Would like to communicate well with her host family.

Should you have any questions regarding any of the above 2019 delegates, please contact Daniel Collins, N.C. 4-H State Coordinator for the International Exchange Programs at or 919-515-4759.