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North Carolina 4-H Camps – Organizational Purpose

Core Values

  • Caring – We care for each other and for those we serve.
  • Efficiency – We seek ways to maximize efficiency and minimize waste.
  • Inclusiveness – We are inclusive and accepting of everyone.
  • Integrity – We seek to do the right thing.
  • Respect – We respect each other and everyone else.
  • Stewardship – We are good stewards of all of our resources.


It is our vision to inspire and create productive citizens through lifelong learning opportunities that promote diversity and inclusion for all.

Mission Statements

  • Betsy-Jeff Penn: Our mission is to provide educational experiences that help develop and promote the life skills necessary for youth to become productive members of society. Our programs empower youth to gain interpersonal life skills, ecological knowledge and community awareness through experiential learning while creating a positive environment that promotes leadership, social and emotional growth for all youth.
  • Eastern 4-H Center: Our mission is to provide year-round training and education that promotes lifelong learning through outdoor educational and recreation programs for all.
  • Millstone 4-H Camp: To positively impact the youth of North Carolina.


  • Capacity – To increase capacity in enrollment, facilities, programs, and services.
  • Evaluation – To utilize a consistent evaluation tool to measure our outcomes.
  • Fiscal Responsibility – To maintain and manage our fiscal resources responsibly..
  • Programming – To develop and facilitate diverse programmatic offerings.
  • Safety – To enforce and prioritize safety in operation and programming.
  • Staffing – To attract, develop, and retain top quality staff.
  • Sustainability – To operate in a sustainable way by focusing on people, planet, and proceeds.