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NC State Extension

Sarah H. Kotzian

Extension Associate, Youth and Adult Citizenship and Engagement Specialist

Areas of Responsibility

  • Provide overall leadership to the North Carolina 4-H Youth and Adult Citizenship and Engagement Program.
  • Lead and Manage 4-H Citizenship Programs including:
    • Citizenship North Carolina Focus
    • NCACC Youth Voice,
    • National 4-H Congress,
    • National 4-H Conference, and
    • National Leadership Conference.
  • Lead and Manage 4-H Youth Engagement Programs including:
    • 4-H Congress,
    • State 4-H Council Conference, and
    • District & State 4-H Councils.
  • Serve as Advisor and Departmental Liaison to:
    • North Carolina State 4-H Council and
    • North Carolina Volunteer Leaders’ Association
  • Lead and Manage 4-H Volunteer Program including:
    • 4-H Volunteer Leaders’ Association,
    • Volunteer Leaders’ Conference,
    • North Carolina 4-H Master Volunteer Achievement in Continuing Education (ACE) program, and
    • Youth and Adult Volunteer Awards Program.


M.Ed., Adult and Community College Education, North Carolina State University, Raleigh, NC

BA, Psychology, North Carolina State University, Raleigh, NC


Extension Associate, 4-H & FCS, NCCES, North Carolina State University

Extension 4-H Agent, Chatham County, North Carolina Cooperative Extension Service