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2020 Host Family Application Materials

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Summer 2020 REQUIRED Checklist for Host Families who are interested in hosting for the International Exchange. PLEASE READ ENTIRELY!

  1. Complete the application to be a host family for the NC Exchange Program: 
    1. Click on the link (Apply Now) below.
    2. Use the dropdown menu and find North Carolina in the list.
    3. Once you have North Carolina selected, click “Check My State
    4. Click the GREEN button “HOST – SUMMER” to begin.
    5. You will be prompted to create an account with a valid email address and password. (NOTE: If you have sign-in information from a previous application, you will be able to log in with those credentials).
  2.  Go to 4-H Online to set up a profile for your family. Some families may already have a profile with their 4-H office, but if you are new to 4-H, you will need to complete this step to enroll:  
    1. Instructions can be found here: NC 4-H Online to set up a family profile.
    2. Once you have created your profile in 4-H Online, the information will be easy to gather for background checks and other pertinent information in the State 4-H Office.
  3. Once you have completed your application, please contact your local 
    4-H office to set up a meeting with the local 4-H agent or program assistant. You can find the information for your local office here: N.C. Cooperative Extension County Centers
  4. Host Families will need to:
    1. Complete the States’ 4-H application and the NC 4-H Online registration process.
    2. Meet with local 4-H agent or program assistant to discuss how, if selected, you can get the delegate involved with their summer programming.
    3. Pass a background check.
    4. Pass an in-home visit.
    5. Attend Host Family Orientation (either in-person or via online)
    6. Attend Host Sibling Orientation (either in-person or via online)
    7. Seek out additional resources to assist the host sibling in learning about the country their potential delegate is coming from and more about the language of the visiting delegate for communication.
    8. Maintain communication with State Coordinator and chaperones during the exchange.

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