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North Carolina 4-H Clubs

Welcome to the North Carolina 4-H clubs mainpage. 4-H Clubs are a great way to supports long-term youth development and build community amongst our youth, while instilling essential life skills such as leadership, commitment, and nurturing relationship. Whether they are working together on projects in Science & Technology, or focusing their club efforts on environmental awareness, 4-H Club youth learn the importance of becoming engaged in the community, country, and world.

In an effort to provide you with the resources needed to build and sustain your 4-H Clubs, we have designed an electronic version of the North Carolina 4-H Club Manual. The manual is designed to be a guide for 4-H professionals as they work with club volunteer leaders. The manual will provide suggestions for training agendas and resource packets, however is not intended to be copied in it’s entirety for the volunteer.

We are providing you with the electronic manual in draft form, with hopes you will provide us with feedback on what works and what needs adaptation. We will be uploading each section as it is completed, so please stay tuned if you do not see a section you need.

What is a 4-H Club?

What is a 4-H Club – 4-H National Headquarters Fact Sheet

North Carolina 4-H Club Manual

4-H Club Operations
4-H Forms, Guidelines, & Procedures

The Basics of Starting 4-H Clubs Manuals

4-H 101

NC 4-H Best Practice Map

Life Skills Learned by Participating in 4-H Activities

For more information or questions:
4-H Club Delivery: Shannon McCollum, Extension Associate,
4-H Volunteer Management: Sarah Kotzian, Extension Associate,