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4HOnline is a web-based system used to enroll youth members and adult volunteers in the North Carolina 4-H Youth Development Program. 4HOnline is designed so that each family has an online family profile and every youth and volunteer has an individual profile under their family profile. 4HOnline is a fully integrated management system that brings together all levels of the 4-H experience. Whether it’s a member logging in to manage his or her record, a club leader printing mailing labels, or a county agent approving a member’s enrollment, 4HOnline brings the 4-H community together and keeps everyone involved.

To access the North Carolina 4HOnline website click here:

4HOnline Resource Materials

Resources for 4-H Members, Volunteers and 4-H Families 

Setting Up A NEW Family Profile on 4HOnline

4HOnline Club Leader / Manager User-Guide

4-H Online Volunteer Guide

 Resources for Extension Professionals 

How to Add 4-H Clubs, Activities, Awards and Groups

Approving Member and Volunteer Enrollments (for County use)

Entering a New Family by County Office

Assessing Authorization Forms (Printing Medical, Registration forms, etc.) 

How to Enter Group Enrollments

Group Enrollment Form for Youth (Word Doc)

Group Enrollment Form for Volunteers (Word Doc)

Group Enrollment Combination Form (Excel file with Calculation Formulas)