NC State Extension

The North Carolina 4-H CPE Model

This model is intended to provide structure and content to the support of county-based 4-H Youth Development professionals, including agents, program associates and assistants, and project managers, regarding professional competencies and personal capacities specific to all community-based youth development programs, yet focused upon 4-H Youth Development. We also recognize, respect and value the expertise and responsibilities of our colleagues in the Program and Organizational Development (PODS) unit in orienting and supporting all county Extension professionals regarding the holistic competencies required to be successful as a county Extension agent in any program area.

We believe that orienting and supporting county 4-H Youth Development professionals is not the sole responsibility of any one individual, position, or office alone. Rather, successful professional development is a collaborative effort among individuals, positions, and offices representing the knowledge, attitudes, skills, and aspirations critical to a 4-H Youth Development professional’s success. This expertise and responsibility must be shared between the County Extension Director, District Extension Director, State 4-H District Liaison, State 4-H Specialist for Continuing Professional Education, and entire State 4-H Staff. Together, these individuals strive to provide each 4-H Youth Development professional with an individualized support team targeted to their unique responsibilities and charged with guiding, mentoring, and supporting them during their entire professional career (Figure 1).

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