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Welcome to Kid’s Internet Resource Sites

This site contains educational, useful and fun Internet sites for students of all ages, suitable for use in the home or the classroom. The information and links within have been divided into appropriate age groups for ease of access and usefulness for all students. Enjoy!

Please select from one of the following links to access our resources and links:

Elementary School-Oriented Educational Sites
These links are mostly geared toward the purpose of learning basic skills and the encouragement of exploration of school subjects like reading, math and science.

Middle School to Junior High-Oriented sites
Middle school links contain reference information on various subjects more applicable to the Junior High experience, as well as sites to learn about math, science and composition. Also contains sites of general interest within school subjects as well as study skills factsheets.

High School Reference Links
High school resources contain reference links applicable to schoolwork in most general areas. Includes a well-balanced reference section, math help, science, study skills, language references, etc.

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