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North Carolina 4-H Afterschool

Welcome to the NC 4-H Afterschool Home page. 4-H has a strong foundation of support for the field of afterschool as we provide community programs with the content and process that represents best practice of youth development.

Throughout North Carolina, 4-H professionals are working with the Afterschool Delivery System in three broadly defined ways:

  1. 4-H is responsible for the entire program effort- including fees, registration, staffing, and program process. This method is less common and often is a result of a grant or external funding source.
  2. 4-H partners with local community systems (school, religious affiliated groups, Parks and Recreation, etc), and offers regularly scheduled training and technical assistance to the afterschool program. The 4-H professional does not delivery the program, however trains the afterschool provider on the appropriate curriculum delivery process.
  3. 4-H Clubs are developed within an existing afterschool site. The Afterschool provider is trained and recognized as the volunteer leader and is expected to maintain the requirements of a community based 4-H Club.

With all of the delivery methods of 4-H Afterschool, it is important that 4-H professionals have the resources they need to support the afterschool effort. An afterschool guide is being developed in order to ensure all forms of afterschool delivery have the tools needed to be successful.

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