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North Carolina 4-H Special Interest

Welcome to the NC 4-H Special Interest Home page.4-H Special Interest can take a variety of forms and shapes when it comes to program delivery. Some Special Interest takes the form of summer fun activities, others are workshops offered throughout the school year on teacher workdays- it completely depends on the needs of your local program.Special Interest programs are a great way to offer a minimum of 6-hours of content specific programming, giving youth that are unable to make the long-term commitment of being in a 4-H Club an opportunity to experience 4-H. All Special Interests participants are considered 4-H’ers, no matter what the special interest subject or delivery format.

By definition a Special Interest Program is at least 6 hours of a subject matter that can be evaluated for knowledge gained or behaviors changed. A Special Interest program is an opportunity for:

  • Experiencing subject matter curriculum taught outside of normal school hours
  • Lessons taught by volunteers trained by the Extension 4-H professional, subject matter agent, specialist, or master volunteer.
  • A 4-H learning experience that is not always as time or commitment demanding as a 4-H Club- however still extremely rewarding.

The Special Interest Guide was developed to assist 4-H professionals in the development, implementation, and sustainability of Special Interest programs.

Resource Guide

For more information or questions regarding special interest programming and resources, contact