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Adult Leader Electric Congress Responsibilities

The following responsibilities are required of 4-H Adult Volunteer Leaders attending Electric Congress. These items are crucial to maintaining an educational and respectful event for the attending electric winners, guests, Electric Company dignitaries and host officials.

Please notice that these responsibilities are very similar to the responsibilities Adult Leaders provide within their counties and on other overnight trips involving youth.

1. To provide hall monitor leadership during the evening program. This entails working with fellow Adult Leaders on the same dorm floor in keeping a list of the delegates on this floor, maintaining room check until the floor is quiet, using the check list and taking names of unruly participants (Provide these names to Grant Ellington, if necessary). You will be provided a list of the delegates on the dorm floor by Monday evening prior to curfew.
2. Correct inappropriate behavior by attending delegates: Examples of inappropriate behavior may consist of, but not limited to:

      • Loud and unruly behavior during meetings
      • Violation of room curfew
      • Disrespect to any Adult Volunteer Leader, 4-H Agent, Power Representative,
        or host campus Staff
      • Visiting different room(s) after curfew (sneaking out after hours)
      • Destruction of University property or host property
      • Other ( Please submit items you feel should be included)

3. To provide a teamwork approach to supervising Electric Congress Delegates with attending 4-H Agents, Power Company Representatives, State 4-H Staff and Department of Biological and Agricultural Engineering Specialist.
4. To work with the attending delegates from your county to ensure that he/she understands why they received this trip, who sponsors it, objectives of the electric project and how to converse with power company officials whom they may interact with during this event.
5. Provide communication and feedback to Grant Ellington on issues that can improve Electric Congress for everyone.
6. Monitoring constantly the involvement of the participating delegates to ensure everyone is safe and having a good experience.
7. Monitoring constantly the relationships between the attending boys and girls by not allowing inappropriate situations to continue.
8. Other ( Please specify—-)

Attending 4-H Agents and Adult Volunteer Leaders must take an active part in assisting with providing a program that is executed with high respect and esteem throughout the state. The Power Utilities recognize the need to have the adult delegation in a leadership mode, one that empowers these people to make decisions and to carry out decisions made.

If you have comments for the above statement, please forward those to:

Grant Ellington, Extension Assistant Professor
NC State University
Biological & Agricultural Engineering
Campus Box 7625
Raleigh, North Carolina 27695-7625
PHONE: (919) 515-6793
FAX: (919) 515-6772
e-mail: Grant Ellington grant