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NC State Extension

Turkey Barbecue Presentation Score Sheet (Senior)

Contestants will be judged on the following (poor, fair, good, excellent):

  1. Was Participant?
    1. Well-groomed
    2. Dressed appropriately
    3. Voice distinct and reasonably strong
    4. Pleasant and natural
    5. Enthusiastic and convincing
  2. Subject Matter
    1. Accuracy, practicality and completeness of information
    2. Factual nutritional information (appropriateness for topic chosen)
    3. Participant well informed (knowledge of turkey/broiler industry)
  3. Presentation
    1. Introduction brief and interesting
    2. Method suited to subject matter
    3. Information given in logical manner
    4. Effective Use of Time
    5. Visuals easily seen and used effectively
    6. Important points summarized
  4. Results
    1. Methods and principles well taught
    2. Questions answered satisfactorily