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2020 4-H Showcase of Talent Information is outlined on the pdf document below

Helpful Tools

2020 4-H Presentation Quick Fact Sheet

4-H Presentations 101 Handout

Presentations PowerPoints

Presentation Update 2019 PowerPoint Reference

Kicking & Screaming Presentations

2020 Score Sheets – updated May 18, 2020 

  • Open up the google drive linked above – Agents will need their unity id to gain access to download.
  • Save each presentation score sheet to your google drive
  • PDF Copies of Presentation Score Sheets

Sample Presentations in the Presentation Update PowerPoint linked above. 

2020 District Activity Day 

District Activity Day 4-H Presentation Competition will be held all online. The rules and regulations for the presentation are the same as in previous years.

For 2020, 4-H’ers must submit a video following specific guidelines. Those guidelines are listed in the document linked below:

2020 4-H Presentation Competition

Check with your county regarding your county registration deadlines. The deadline to register on the state level is June 15 however county registration deadlines are different.

DAD State Registration deadline is June 15

Judging Dates are listed below. These are only for the PIC, Judges and State Staff.

  • June 22 – NE
  • June 23 – SC
  • June 24 – SE
  • June 25 – NC
  • June 26 – W

Note:  4-H Entertains and Outdoor Cookery will be held at a later date.

2020 State 4-H Presentation Finals

State 4-H Presentation Finals competition will be held online. Judging will be held the week of July 28th. All entries must be submitted by the county 4-H program by July 20th, 2020. Please see the document 2020 4-H Presentation Competition linked under the DAD heading for specifics.

Entry Deadline – July 20th, 2020

Judging:  Week of July 28th, 2020

For regulations and scoresheets:

Presentation categories by Curriculum Area.

Presentation categories are listed under one of the following headings:

Communication & Expressive Arts

Consumerism & Family Science

Environmental Science

Healthy Lifestyles

Plants & Animals

Science & Technology

Personal Development

Please email N.C. 4-H Associate Shannon McCollum with questions or comments about this page.