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NC State Extension

Turkey Barbecue Presentation Score Sheet

Contestants will be judged on the following (poor, fair, good, excellent):

  1. Degree of Doneness*
    1. Outer part of breast filet (undercooked; done; overcooked)
    2. Center (undercooked; done; overcooked)
  2. Appearance*
    1. Color (too light; moderate; too dark)
    2. Burnt (severe; moderate; none)
    3. Skin torn (severe; moderate; none)
  3. Texture*
    1. Chewiness (tough; chewy; tender)
    2. Rubbery (much; moderate; none)
    3. Juiciness (dry; moist; wet)
  4. Taste*
    1. Taste of meat (poor; moderate; good)
    2. Sauce (weak; moderate; too strong)
    3. Flavor (weak; moderate; too strong)
  5. Aftertaste*
    1. Strong; moderate; weak
  6. Equipment and Utensils
    1. Practical
    2. Efficient
  7. Appearance and Cleanliness
    1. Of person (Initially)
    2. Equipment (Initially)
    3. In operation
  8. Starting Fire
    1. Was method of lighting safe?
    2. Was person skilled in lighting fire?
  9. Controlling Fire
    1. Was charcoal added at proper time?
    2. Skilled in controlling fire
    3. Fire too hot; too cool; ok
    4. Did excessive heat require control measures?
    5. Was there excessive smoke or fire?
  10. Preparing Meat for Cooking
    1. Skilled
    2. Practiced food safety
    3. Were marinating practices proper and sanitary?
  11. Skill in Barbecuing
    1. Was meat turned often enough to prevent burning?
    2. Was person skilled in turning meat?
    3. Was person skilled in spreading sauce?
  12. Time
    1. Was cooking completed in prescribed time?

*Judge will circle appropriate statement