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Club Disbanding

While the goal is to build, sustain and grow 4-H clubs, there are times when clubs will need to disband. Whether the club youth are aging out of the 4-H program or the club simply needs to dissolve, there are steps that need to be taken to ensure that the clubs accomplishments are captured and the resources are appropriately taken care of. The resources included in the club disbanding section are designed to assist the 4-H professional with making the disbanding process as smooth as possible.

Please note that not all clubs disband for the same reason. The below materials are suggestions and should be adapted to fit the needs of the county 4-H program.

Material Description Location/Use
Club Disband Checklist A guide for ensuring all steps are taken to dissolving a 4-H club and their charter. The checklist should be reviewed with the volunteer leader to ensure all resources are transferred properly. A copy should be kept in County 4-H program files
Club Member Letter Template Letter addressed to club youth discussing the club disbanding process and options for future 4-H program opportunities (i.e. – other club possibilities). A copy should be kept in County 4-H program files
Volunteer Disband Template Letter addressed to 4-H volunteer who is resigning as a club leader. The letter terminates the leader as a 4-H volunteer. A copy should be kept in County 4-H program files

Steps to Closing Bank Account

Google Doc File – plain format

Steps that need to be taken in order to close a 4-H Club or Group Bank Account. Keep a copy of the documents in the 4-H Club/Group File.