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4-H Club Basics

When growing a 4-H club there are some basic components need to build the club as well as sustain a productive 4-H club. The materials found in this section are designed to support your beginning steps in creating a strong 4-H club. You will find many of the documents used for the club recruitment packet within this section.

Material Description Location/Use
Club welcome letter A template for counties to use and adapt for welcoming the new club to the world of 4-H. County specific information should be added where appropriate. Included in 4-H Club Orientation Packet
Club Delivery Strategies Matrix A tool designed to assist agents with understanding the various reporting possibilities for 4-H clubs. County use
6-month plan of work Form used for clubs to indicate work plan for first 6 months of each club year. Included in Club Orientation Packet
Starting a 4-H Club Checklist for agents (Word) Checklist for agents to charter new 4-H clubs Included in 4-H Club file for county use
What is a 4-H Club? National 4-H Fact Sheet A National 4-H document that outlines general information about becoming a 4-H Club Included in Club Recruitment packet
Using the 4-H Name 7 Emblem A National 4-H document that outlines the appropriate use of the 4-H clover Included in Club Orientation Packet
Steps in 4-H Program Planning Worksheets General information on evaluation a quality 4-H Club Include in Club Orientation training
Using the 4-H Name & Emblem PowerPoint General information on appropriate use of 4-H Name and Emblem. Used at Club Orientation training
Basic 4-H Club Business Meeting Script (IFAS Extension) General information on running a 4-H Club meeting including scripts outlining officer roles. Used as sample for new leader and club officers on how to run a club meeting.
Naming a 4-H Club General information from National 4-H on naming a 4-H Club Use at Club Orientation Training
Sample Club ByLaws Sample bylaws for 4-H Clubs

4-H Name & Emblem Registration

PDF File

This document is required for all clubs and groups in order to have permission to use the clover. Starting a 4-H Club