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The Club Meeting

While there are traditional components that need to occur at every 4-H club meeting, program planning is still necessary to ensure that the club accomplishes necessary club business while also providing opportunities for educational enrichment. The below materials have been designed to help build productive club meetings while also growing strong club youth.

Material Description Location/Use

Club Meetings and Program Planni

4-H Club Program Planning Guide resource (IFAS Extension)

A brief outline of the essential components of all 4-H Club meetings

Sample of 4-H Club Program Planning Guide for Staff and Volunteers from Florida 4-H.

Club Orientation packet
Parliamentary Procedure A guide of appropriate parliamentary procedure to be used at each 4-H club meeting Club meeting training

Officer & Election Duties

4-H Officers Handbook (IFAS Extension)

An outline of each of the 4-H officers duties throughout the club year as well as the procedure for handling club elections

Sample 4-H Officers Handbook from Florida 4-H

Club meeting training
Club Membership Roster
Club Roll Roll sheet used at each club meeting to maintain attendance and information Club meeting training
NC 4-H Secretaries Guide A guidebook for NC 4-H Secretaries to follow throughout the club year. Club meeting training
Sample Club Bylaws Sample bylaws for 4-H Clubs