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NC 4-H Club Packets

Below are hyperlinks to suggested packets of forms as well as a description of the packet and how that packet may be used. Please note that these are suggested packets and that additional forms may be required for county level participation.

Packet Description
NC 4-H Club County File The NC 4-H Club County office file is made up of the documents 4-H professionals should have on file, including the required documents club chartering documents (see club checklist for charter requirements).The county club file should also include any relevant correspondence the county office has with the 4-H club (e-mails, letters of fundraising, etc).Please note that the following documents must be completed each year:

  • Youth Medical Release
  • Club charter re-application

Youth enrollment forms should reflect updated information as needed.

County club files must remain current and should contain all of the necessary documentation for the group to maintain club status. Local county office should add any additional county required forms.

NC 4-H Club File The NC 4-H Club file is made up of the documents a club should keep on file. The club file should also include any relevant correspondence (e-mails, letters of fundraising, etc).The club file is kept with the 4-H club and contains all of the documents necessary to maintain club status.
NC 4-H Club Orientation The club orientation packet includes suggested documents to provide new volunteers when conducting club orientation training. For suggested training PowerPoints, see Club Basics in the Club Operation section.
NC 4-H Club Finance The club finance packet includes the necessary forms for all clubs that choose to handle finances. Please note that a club does not have to handle funds in order to be chartered; however if funds are being managed, clubs must follow the appropriate NC 4-H fund guidelines. The club finance packet can be provided at orientation or could be provided during separate club finance trainings.