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NC 4-H Honor Club

4-H Honor Club Conference 2021

Event Dates: June 5, 2021

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What is the NC 4-H Honor Club?

The North Carolina 4-H Honor Club was organized in 1931 by Mr. L.R. Harrill as a way to develop a statewide 4-H service organization. Today, the NC 4-H Honor Club has almost 3000 members from across the state and nation.

Why be a part of Honor Club?

Being a North Carolina 4-H Honor Club member is more than just an honor. It is the chance to give back to the 4-H program a small part of the knowledge and skills that the 4-H program helped to develop. Honor Club is looking for members who want to have this chance to contribute to the club’s motto – Service.

NC 4-H Honor Club Constitution

What do I get for being a member of Honor Club?

Members who have paid their dues and are in good standing have to right to attend the NC 4-H Honor Club Annual Conference, and other meetings throughout the year. Members also receive a copy of Heartline, the Honor Club newsletter, twice a year. New inductees will receive a certificate and the right to wear Honor Club insginia such as nametags, ribbons, and pins.

How do I join the NC 4-H Honor Club?

Click here for NC 4-H Honor Club Application

Membership in the North Carolina 4-H Honor Club is bestowed upon those 4-H’ers who have exhibited outstanding 4-H citizenship and leadership throughout their 4-H career. An Honor Club member continues to provide leadership and service to the total 4-H program throughout life.

  • You must have completed three or more years of 4-H club work and shall be at least 16 years of age and not more than 20 years of age on January 1 of the year of application.
  • The total number of applicants inducted into the NC 4-H Honor Club shall be limited to .5% of the current enrollment of North Carolina 4-H members.
  • New inductees will be expected to pay life-time dues the year that they are inducted. Some county 4-H programs pay their member’s dues.

What the NC 4-H Honor Club Sponsors

The NC 4-H Honor Club sponsors or coordinates several event / awards each year. Some of the projects that Honor Club helps to sponsor are:

  1. Partnering for the Future (Awards Program Support Project)
  2. State Volunteer Leader Hall of Achievement Recognition
  3. District Volunteer Leader Awards
  4. Local 4-H Club Community Service Awards
  5. State Officer Elections at NC 4-H Congress
  6. Candlelighting Ceremony at NC 4-H Congress