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State 4-H Council

Define YOUR Vision:

The 2019-2020 North Carolina State 4-H Theme is Define Your Vision. A dream is an idea, but a vision requires planning, goal setting, and action on that dream. Nobody can define your vision for you, only you can take action to define your vision. Your State Council challenges you to define what your vision means to you and how you can personally take steps toward your vision this year. Go beyond your dream, and create a vision that will Make the Best Better!

2019 – 2020 State 4-H Council Officers

Meet your State 4-H Council Officers! These four youth were elected to serve as your 2019 – 2020 State 4-H Council Officers.

State 4-H Council President: Emily Worth, Johnston County 

State 4-H Council Vice President: Jessy Kate Glenn, Mitchell County 

State 4-H Council Secretary/Treasurer: Leah Jackson, Johnston County

State 4-H Council Reporter: Kyler Glover, Yancey County 

State 4-H Council  Newsletters –


To cooperate with the state 4-H Youth Development Department in planning the State 4-H Council Conference and the North Carolina 4-H Congress. The Council will enforce the constitution and the bylaws. The Council will also advise the State 4-H Youth Development Department staff concerning a general evaluation of the 4-H program.


The State 4-H Council consist of the State 4-H Council officers, the District officers and one representative from each county. The State Executive Committee includes district officers, State 4-H Council officers and the State 4-H Leader or his designee.

District Officer Nomination & Election Forms:

State Officer Candidate Application & Election Forms:

There are NEW requirements for candidates wishing to run for State 4-H Office starting in 2020. Please review the candidate documents and requirements carefully.


Preferential Rating

Roles of State 4-H Council

NC 4-H Constitution

NC 4-H Congress

State 4-H Council Spring Meeting Information (April 4-5, 2020)