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2017-2018 State 4-H Council Officers

Meet your State 4-H Council Officers! These four youth were elected to serve as your 2017-2018 State 4-H Council Officers.

State 4-H Council President: Anthony Vagnozzi, Rutherford County

My name is Anthony Vagnozzi, I am 17 years old, a member of Rutherford County 4-H, and have been involved in 4-H for 10 years. I have participated in many different project areas and electricity has been my favorite. Being involved in 4-H has provided me with multiple experiences I would not have the opportunity to participate in anywhere else. As most 4-Her’s can relate, I have learned skills that I will use throughout college, my career, and the rest of my life. Having the opportunity to serve as the North Carolina State 4-H Council President is a great honor and responsibility. It is giving me the chance to expand upon the skills I have learned in 4-H and to continue growing as a leader. Throughout my year of service, I hope to reach out to as many youths as possible including members and nonmembers of 4-H. I plan to attend a 4-year university to study Aerospace Engineering and after graduating I hope to be a pilot either for an airline or in the United State Air Force.

State 4-H Council Vice President: Nicole Worth, Johnson County

Hi! My name is Nicole Worth, and I’ve been a North Carolina 4-Her for 8 years now. I am currently serving as your 2017-2018 State 4-H Council Vice President. I hail from Johnston County, where I’m a member of the JoCo Rockin Riders 4-H Horse Club. I’ve been riding Quarter Horses competitively since I was 11, and my specialty is Showmanship. My favorite activities in 4-H are Presentations, Portfolios, and of course Congress! My goal this year as Vice President is to help engage more youth in events across the state, and support all of our youth participants in whatever they’re doing. Someday, I hope to be doing something in Computer Science, and to have travelled the country’s National Parks!

State 4-H Council Secretary/Treasurer: Joah Bickley, Rutherford County

My name is Joah Bickley and I am honored to be serving as the 2017/2018 State 4-H Secretary Treasurer. I joined 4-H when I was seven years old and as a proud member of the Busy Bees 4-H Craft Club from Rutherford County I began to discover the possibilities available to me in 4-H. From that point on I started to expand my 4-H experiences by participating in Project Record Books, Presentations, Entertains, Electricity, and Fashion Review all while making friends that would last a lifetime. I began taking leadership roles at age 9 by running for club offices and this became my favorite part of being in the 4-H program. Being able to learn about leadership by running meetings and completing my duties as a club officer is the reason I am the person I am today. I currently attend NC State University and study Electrical Engineering and being in the city of Raleigh has really made me realize how much I wish to pursue my dream of becoming an engineer and live in a big city! My absolute favorite thing to do is attend 4-H events and continue to grow my 4-H family. Throughout my year of service, I plan to use the tools that I have gained as a 4-Her to guide me.

State 4-H Council Reporter: Erin Dillon, Guilford County

My name is Erin Dillon and I am serving as your 2017-2018 State 4-H Council Reporter. I have been an active in the Guilford county 4-H program  for over 12 years. Some of my 4-H projects include horticulture, citizenship, and animal science. In addition to 4-H I enjoy horseback riding, running, and playing with my chickens. My favorite part of 4-H is that it not only helps you develop life skills, but it encourages you to use those skills to teach and serve others. As Reporter, I am looking forward to capturing 4-H memories on camera and sharing them with others. One of the most valuable lessons I have learned so far is that anything worth doing often requires hard work and dedication. Through my year of service I hope to encourage 4-H’ers to Dream Big and work hard to reach their 4-H goals.

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To cooperate with the state 4-H Youth Development Department in planning the State 4-H Council Conference and the North Carolina 4-H Congress. The Council will enforce the constitution and the bylaws. The Council will also advise the State 4-H Youth Development Department staff concerning a general evaluation of the 4-H program.


The State 4-H Council consist of the State 4-H Council officers, the District officers and one representative from each county. The State Executive Committee includes district officers, State 4-H Council officers and the State 4-H Leader or his designee.

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