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AIRE (Application, Interview, Resume & Electronic-Video)


AIRE (Application, Resume, Interview and Electronic – Video) is a workforce development and college prep program. Youth, ages 11 – 18, are eligible participate in this program in one of two ways.

AIRE Program Options 

Option 1: Youth participate in this program by completing the four (4) AIRE candidate packet components. All candidates submitting a complete packet will be invited to participate in either the State-Level competitive program (open to youth ages 14-18) or in the non-competitive program (open to youth ages 11-13). Youth participating in the competitive AIRE program are eligible to be selected to attend national events such as National Congress, National Conference, and International Leadership Conference.

Option 2: Youth participate in this program by completing the AIRE program components as self-study and/or as part of their local 4-H program. Option 2: Does not require the participant to submit their AIRE packet for State-level review.

*Youth participants selecting Option 1: Are required to submit their AIRE candidate packet to their local 4-H agent prior to the state submission deadline of June 10, 2020 (extended). **Please contact your local 4-H agent for your county submission deadline.


Any youth ages 11-18 may participate. Age is determined by age as of January 1 of the current year.

2020 AIRE Materials & NEW Program Resource Document 

AIRE Application Prep Packet (2020)

 AIRE Program Resource Document (2020)

  • Starting in 2019 – The AIRE “Interview Process” will be conducted via an Electronic Interview format.