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N.C. 4-H Shooting Sports Program

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Welcome to the N.C. 4-H Shooting Sports Program! The 4-H Shooting Sports Program is a youth development education program, which uses a prevention education model that strongly emphasizes positive youth-adult interaction and peer leadership. It uses skills and disciplines of safe shooting and conservation to assist young people and their leaders in attaining knowledge and developing essential life skills. The program can enhance family communications and quality time together. It creates an environment for a caring relationship between a young person and a significant adult, whether this is a family member, other adult, or teen volunteer. These activities provide the opportunity for immediate gratification to the youth and satisfaction and self-worth to the adult/teen leader who acts as teacher and role model for younger 4-H youth members. The program relies on 4-H certified instructors to conduct classes in the various disciplines (archery, pistol, shotgun, muzzle loading, rifle, wildlife/hunting, and coordinator).

Each local program is guided under the administration of the 4-H County Extension agent and must be guided and delivered by an instructor that has been certified by the N.C. 4-H Shooting Sports coordinator, registered in the 4-H Online system and endorsed as a volunteer through the N.C. Cooperative Extension background check process.

The primary focus of the North Carolina 4-H Shooting Sports program shall be the total development of the young person.

Below are several resources to help answer any questions you may have about the N.C. 4-H Shooting Sports Program. If you have questions about the N.C. 4-H Shooting Sports Program, contact Charles Young at or 336-877-6811 or contact your local Cooperative Extension Center.

NC 4-H Shooting Sports Team at the National Shooting Sports Tournament in Grand Island, Nebraska

Introduction of N.C. 4-H Shooting Sports Program

What is a 4- H Shooting Sports Club?

A 4-H Shooting Sports Club is a 4-H Club that offers programming in the Shooting Sports as one of its main functions. It should be a 4-H Club in all aspects, including charter, youth officers, regular business meetings, and participation in regular 4-H activities including county council, presentations, project records, community service, and any other regular 4-H activity. To register, you must contact your local County 4-H Extension at your local County Extension Center.

Starting a Shooting Sports 4-H Club

Club Development Resources

Upcoming Instructor Training – more details to come July 1!

Instructor Training’s for 4-H volunteers are held twice a year and provided by the N.C. 4-H Shooting Sports coordinator.

Volunteer Job Descriptions

Volunteer Instructor Training

Minimum Standards of a Shooting Sports 4-H Club

Best Management Practices of a Shooting Sports 4-H Club

Risk Management

N.C. 4-H Shooting Sports Tournament Rules and Regulations

National 4-H Shooting Sports

National 4-H Shooting Sports Virtual Quiz Bowl

Educational 4-H Shooting Sports Resources

N.C. 4-H Shooting Sports Advisory Committee

Tournament Results

Upcoming 2020 Calendar of Events:

  • March 13-15 – Instructor Training (Millstone 4-H Camp) CANCELED 
  • March 21 – National Team Practice
  • April 11 – National Team Practice
  • May 9 – National Team Practice
  • May 10-14 – 2020 National 4-H Shooting Sports Workshop, Level 2 Training (Appomattox, VA)
  • June 13 – National Team Practice
  • June 21-26 – National 4-H Shooting Sports Tournament (Grand Island, Nebraska)
  • August 15 – West Regional Tournament (Polk County)
  • August 15 – Central Regional Tournament (Millstone 4-H Camp)
  • August 22 – Eastern Regional Tournament (Eastern 4-H Center)
  • September 19 – State Tournament (Millstone 4-H Camp)
  • October 24-26 – Instructor Training (Eastern 4-H Center)