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North Carolina 4-H Photo Contest

The statewide annual contest highlights North Carolina 4-H’ers’ photographic achievements. The winning photos are then displayed on the North Carolina 4-H Photo Contest website.

New category for 2020: Pets in Action. Pet photography is big business! Use your ace photography skills to capture your pet (or someone’s) in action! Whether it’s at home or elsewhere, we want to see those photographs. Be creative! We will be reasonably all-inclusive as to what can be considered a pet, but please, no pet rocks.

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2019 Winners: 4-H in Action, Junior Division

Young girl in pink dress with four dolls on a table and one doll in the floor with a horse and buggy.

1st Place: “So That’s How They Did It” by Ella Braman, Onslow County
Child in snow

2nd Place: “Snow on the Ground, Still Calves to Feed” by Avery Wright, Chatham County

Electrifying Soils

3rd Place: “Electrifying Soils” by McRae Kiser, Edgecombe County

Female using a camera

Honorable Mention: “Focus” by Jordan Mitchem, Lincoln County

2019 Winners: Nature’s Beauty, Junior Division

Ground level photo of buttercups with sun shining through background.

1st Place: “Sunset at Moore’s Creek” by Ella Braman, Onslow County

Berries hang on a limb while everything is covered in ice.

2nd Place: “Iced Berries” by Avery Wright, Chatham County

Closeup of bee on a yellow flower with clover and cacti in background.

3rd Place: “Bumble Bee on Cactus Flower” by Ben Cook, Forsyth County

Photo of a beach with the sunset in background.

Honorable Mention: “The Glowing Sun” by Sadie Sutton, Johnston County

2019 Winners: Sports, Junior Division

Black and white photo of cars racing with a large crowd.

1st Place: “Back Onto the Track” by Kimberly Lisk, Cabarrus County

Photo taken through fence of two young boys on opposite teams playing baseball.

3rd Place: “Stealing!” by McRae Kiser, Edgecombe County

Young boy in blue helmet and jersy swinging a bat to hit a ball at a baseball game.

2nd Place: “It’s a Hit!” by Ella Braman, Onslow County

2019 Winners: 4-H in Action, Senior Division

Young white boy with curly blond hair, smiling with mouth wide open and thumbs up.

1st Place: “Excitement in the Skies!” by Caleb Heath, Wilson County

Young female with large belt buckle and pole in hand showing Hereford cow.

3rd Place: “Attention” by Lynae Bowman, Forsyth County

Two young boys, one in a black leather jacket, play checkers with older lady in retirement home.

2nd Place: “50’s Themed Social with Kerner Ridge” by Ethan Cook, Forsyth County

Young female is looking at compass

Honorable Mention: “The Perfect Shooting” by Addy Knepp, Forsyth County

2019 Winners: Nature’s Beauty, Senior Division


1st Place: “Mimosa Flowers” by Ethan Cook, Forsyth County

Close up of a water fall with red, yellow, green leaves at the edge.

3rd Place: “Falling” by Caroline Lucas, Chatham County

Photo of a field with hay in it. Mountain in the background and a bird flying through the frame.

2nd Place: “Glory to God” by Regan Mitchem, Lincoln County

Silhouette of tree branches in front of water and sunset.

Honorable Mention: “Sunset Cradle at Rodanthe” by Jeffrey Bradley, Edgecombe County

Little white dog outside in grass while it is snowing.

Honorable Mention: “Summer’s Snow” by Joelena Walker, Granville County

2019 Winners: Sports, Senior Division

Young female in yellow and black jersey is spiking volley ball to females in white jerseys.

1st Place: “Winner’s Point” by Caroline Lucas, Chatham County

Young girl riding brown and white horse on dirt.

3rd Place: “Riding into the Sun” by Olivia Sutton, Johnston County

Three kids stretchering in gym while vollyball players in background are also stretching.

2nd Place: “Volleyball Dreams” by Chloe Allen, Johnston County

Man with helmet riding a modified lawnmower.

Honorable Mention: “Tractor Pulling” by Josie Buckner, Buncombe County

Man with hiking backpack and hat looks out on the landscape. Mountains in background.

Honorable Mention: “Backpacking Below the Rim” by Lily Knepp, Forsyth County