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NC State Extension

Award Winners

2020 Awards & Presentation Winners

Project and Portfolio Winners (Program Year ending 2019)

State 4-H Presentation Winners

District Presentation Winners

2019 Awards & Presentation Winners

State 4-H Presentation Winners 2019

State 4-H Presentation Finals

District Presentation Winners 2019

Project Records & Portfolio Winners (Program Year ending 2018)

  • The spreadsheet has 2 tabs – one for project record winners and one for portfolio winners.

Community Service Group Awards

Electric Group Award – will be posted after Electric Congress

2018 Awards & Presentation Winners

State Presentation Finals 2018

2018 State Presentation Finals Winners

District Presentation Winners 2018

Project Record Winners (Program Year ending in 2017)

Portfolio Winners (Program Year ending 2017) – reminder that Electric Awards are not announced until Electric Congress.

Community Service Group Award Winners (Program Year ending 2017) – Electric Group Awards are announced at Electric Congress

2017 Award Winners

Project Record (Program Year ending 2016)

Portfolio (Program Year ending 2016)

Group Awards (Program Year ending 2016)

District Presentation Winners